Top Mistakes to Avoid while Designing A Website

While using the Internet, sometimes you don’t find some sites as attractive as others are. While web designing is not a difficult task, still few people fail to accomplish his job. It is very important for a website to be user friendly and interactive. It helps in directing visitors towards your site. An ill designed website will drive your visitors away from your site.

One should avoid some of website design mistakes which we often make in order to create an effective and successful website.

  1. Offering Poor Navigation:

    One of the biggest mistakes which people make while designing website is rendering poor navigation. If the visitors are unable to surf the site properly, they will leave your site and go to some other site. Effective and simple navigation provides more visitors.

  2. Make visitors seem lost:

    Visitors must not experience as if they are misplaced. Every page of your website should definitely make the visitors feel that they are surfing on your site especially, when the users directly land on other pages. Also ensure that every page on your website links back to the home pages.

  3. Lengthy pages:

    Very lengthy scrolling pages are other huge mistakes that should be avoided while working on web designing. Most of the visitors are not going to continue scrolling unless they truly believe that there are better things below. Splitting up of pages is an excellent idea, if possible. In case, splitting of pages doesn’t work well; you can even choose navigation as well as content options, available at the apex of the page in order to make it easier to plot a course through the lengthy pages.

  4. Sluggish Download:

    Nowadays, people don’t have lots of time and patience. They need all the required details and facts quickly. If your website will consume lot of time of the visitors in downloading the facts needed, then this sluggish downloading will prove to be very costly for you and for website too.

    Most of your visitors will merely decide to leave your site and search for another site that meets up their requirements. Thus, it is advisable for you to focus and work on raped download times while working on your website’s designing. You can do it by reducing the image folder size and by restricting the amount of total images used on each and every page on your website.

  5. Inclusion of too many advertisements:

    Visitors don’t visit your websites for ads. Few ads proposing them to earn goof money, such ads can distract your visitors. Ads on websites are fine and normal, but you must try and work harder on the content published on your website, not on the advertisements. It is important to maintain equilibrium between the contents and ads posted on your web pages.

  6. Outdated information:

    Last big web design mistake is the failure in updating of important facts. This must be avoided as the visitors don’t admire at obsolete and outdated information. Make sure that you continuously evaluate and amend your site repeatedly to evade giving the visitors information that is out-of-date.

Thus, establishing an attractive site is very important. By avoiding the above mentioned mistakes, you can create an outstanding site that will be admired by your visitors.

This post on web design is written by Sachin. He loves to write on tech related topics. He has also written much for many reputed brands such as Protect your bubble UK insurance.

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