How to take full-page screenshots with Firefox’s developer toolbar

Taking screenshots of webpages is a handy and quick way of saving interesting stuff for later reference or for documentation purposes if you are a developer. While the quickest and easiest way is to just hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard and save the screenshot in an image editor, sometimes you may require to capture more than what is visible of the webpage in the current window.
With Firefox’s developer toolbar it is quite easy and straightforward to save screenshot of the complete webpage rather than just the current view-port. Here is how you can save a full-page screenshot of any website using Firefox without using any add-ons:

  • Open Developer Toolbar by going to Tools->Web Developer->Developer Toolbar or use the shortcut Shift+F2
  • A command-line will open at the bottom of the page, here type the command: screenshot filename.png --fullpage
    You can enter any name of your preference in place of the ‘filename.png’ parameter. The screenshot will be saved to your Downloads folder. You can even skip the filename parameter and Firefox will assign a name for the file containing current timestamp.

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