Essentials of mobile web designing

Essentials of Mobile Website Designing

It is very essential for the mobile website designers to put an extra effort on the aspects of the website design. As the designed website should not only be user friendly but also complement your site. A few considerations while designing mobile website are as follows:

The screen resolution

While designing, one has to ensure that the website design is hundred percent compatible with the variety of screen resolutions. A particular mobile website should jell up with different models and versions of particular handset. We can take the example of Smartphones like Samsung, Blackberry, Androids, iPhone, window mobile devices and so on.

The important information

Since we are aware of the fact that the screen of the handsets are generally smaller than that of computers hence we should provide only the essential and to the point information, so that it becomes easier for the users too to go through it in lesser time and without much trouble.

The Text placement

Ideally the most important and required detail should be placed on the top navigation of your mobile site. It is necessary because then it becomes easier and legible for all the users to go through it. The more well placed the texts are, the more users will cling to your site.

Appearance of the web page

If the design and appearance of your webpage is simple and does not has much links, it will draw more and more users to you. Try to make it even more attractive with more of essential information and less of clutter. It will reduce the loading time as well. More than 90 percent users stick to the page if the appearance is good and informative. Side links and advertisements do make them irritable. Thus the appearance forms a very important aspect of the mobile website.

The loading time for websites

People generally access mobile internet either when they are not using it on their desktops or laptops or when they are on move. At such an instance they not like their mobile browser to hang because of idiotic links attached. Hence all the necessary information should be provided as soon as possible. The mobile website should be without too many links, graphics and it should be neat and easily accessible. Last but not the least nobody wants to waste time on loading the pages. It has to go on a touch. Else you are out of the league. And even if one user frames this kind of image, the whole web of users will dislike your site.

The navigation structure

It is very important to know the target audience before designing any mobile website. If you really want to increase your sales then you should focus on technology lovers. All what these kind of users require is fast accessibility with accuracy. Thus navigation should be highly smooth and easy. It takes to change the mind. Hence keeping in consideration the necessity of the users, the website should be designed likewise.

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