HTML drop down code generator

Hand-coding a HTML drop down menu using the <select> and <option> tag with many options is a task that many developers/designers find tiring and frustrating.

That is why I’ve created this simple tool that generates the code for HTML drop down menu with as many options as you like!

The URL is :

You simply have to enter the name of variable, (for the ‘name’ attribute of select tag) and start adding options in an easy and straight-forward fashion.

Once you are done with specifying option values, hit the Get code button and it will generate all the necessary HTML code along with a preview.

You can add as many options as you please!

If you require support for multiple option selection, check the ‘multiple’ check-box in the form.

This tool can be used to create HTML drop downs with too many options like a drop down menu of all countries, drop down menu of timezones, drop down menu of languages etc.

Let me know if you encounter any bugs or need help with any issue.

Visit HTML drop down code generator

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