How To Create a Great Website That Attracts Customers

Your website design can be a powerful tool to attract customers. Many businesses, however, face intense competition for clients. Without a well designed website, customers may not find you. Use these tips to create an engaging website that your clients and prospects will love.

Your user’s experience

To create your website, think about what you want the user’s experience to be:
Home page: Searchbloom reports that 75% of website searches never go past the first page that is viewed. Make the look and feel of your home page a priority.
Images: Images make your website more interesting, but they also slow down the time it takes for pages to load. You need to balance these two factors when you choose website images.
Clutter: A clean look is more appealing. Make sure that your pages have some blank space. Your type font should make the page easy to read. Don’t crowd too much text on a page. A web page is a lot like a page in a book. In either case, you don’t want the page to look cluttered.
Simple navigation: If you do entice a viewer to click through to other pages, you want to make page navigation simple. Make sure that tabs and buttons are easy to see.

Using WordPress

WordPress is an online website publishing platform. This software powers more that 23% of the websites on the Internet.
You can choose from hundreds of themes to use on your website. A theme is a specific layout for your site. You can search for themes based on your industry, or they the type of site you want to create (blog, ecommerce, etc.). If you change from one theme to another, WordPress can load your website data into the new theme.

Mobile friendly websites

The HostGator blog points out that, in 2014, a majority of website searches were completed using mobile devices. Because of the convenience of mobile phones, the trend toward mobile use will continue.
To address this shift in technology, you need a website that looks great on mobile devices- and is easy to navigate. Your site should encourage a viewer to navigate your mobile site.
Here are some useful tips to become mobile friendly:
WordPress theme: When you’re checking out themes, see how each theme looks on a mobile device. You want a theme that is described as a responsive layout. This term means that the website pages load quickly.
Hosting company: A hosting company stores your website and ensures that the website loads properly. You’re looking for a reliable hosting company. That means that the firm keeps your site up and running at all times.
Finger friendly: Your website layout should allow the user to navigate easily with the touch of a finger.
Text size: Make sure that your text size is large enough to be viewed on a mobile device.
Content marketing
Google has changed their search engine to put a greater emphasis on useful content for readers of websites. Adding relevant content to your site can keep viewers engaged.
If a reader likes a post that you wrote, they may look for more interesting articles on your site. The longer they stay, the more likely that they will buy your product or service.
Use all of these tips to create a compelling website. Your website can help differentiate you from your competitors.

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