How Helped me – My attraction for Jewellery

I belong to a middle class family with modern outlook having more emphasis on studies and higher ethos and moralities. I do not know where from this maddening craze for the jewelleries has come within me as even my mother as well as my sister find least attraction for the jewelries. As a result I had to keep this passion deep under my soul knowing well that at any opportune moments it may surge out in the form of a volcano.


As per the guidelines of my parent and the family traditions I had to continue with my studies at schools and colleges and ultimately landed into the IAS cadres of the Government of India. Now I found myself independent and able to take my own decisions. Last night one strange thing happened in my dream in which I found myself in the wedding attires standing with all smiles alongside my silent lover Aneesh. Neither he nor I have ever spoken anything about this kind of love that has been expressed in the peculiar dream of mine. But leaving aside this I found myself heavily decorated with various kinds of ornaments all over my body.


I knew immediately that the suppressed passion sown deep inside my soul have found its way out and will not stop poking me till I satisfy it. As an administrator subjected to various issues to solve I took it up psychologically in order to soft play with my passion. The famed website coupon machine is my pet web site for finding any items that I desire. As I was browsing through the site it referred me to shoppers stop offers store page and that was giving attractive discounts in their jewellery collections. I was spellbound looking at their collections as all the items were matching with the ones that I wore in my dream wedding except a few that flashed vividly still in my memory.


The other web page about which there was a reference in the couponmachine site was of Americanswan deals section. Suppressing my excitement I started browsing the web site in order to find the rest of my dream ornaments. To my surprise I found the exact copies of the rest of the same ornaments that I wore in my dream wedding night before.


I had the privilege of studying the book on dreams written by Sigmond Froid. I thought there must be some connection between my dream and the ornaments displayed in the shoppers’ stores. But now I had to douse the flame of the passion raising its head within me. So without any delay I ordered all the ornaments with the shoppers that carried quite a good amount of discount which along with the fall in the gold prices happened to be quite cheap for me.


By psychiatric treatment of my deep soul I could get rid of the unwelcome passion sowed deep inside my psyche leaving me completely logical and upstart as I want myself to be. But one point I must confess here that the dream fetched me my love.

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