Mobile vs Desktop vs Tablet online gaming – Which comes out on top?

Which platform is more popular when it comes online gambling? This article examines real data behind this question with statistics from UK online gaming website – Data from May-June 2018.



The winner is clear, Mobile is by far the most popular platform to gambling on with 66% of all website visits.  In second place is Desktop with 28% share and Tablet is bringing up the rear in 3rd on 6%.


What is perhaps most surprising however is that the most popular mobile device operating system is Android with 63% of mobile visits, with almost double the number of visitors compared to Apple at 35%


So why do player prefer mobile?


There are a number of reasons behind this:


  1. Mobile is always available 24/7 in almost any location

  2. Mobiles are now powerful enough to play graphically rich games

  3. Wifi / 4G is everywhere so players are always connected.

  4. Mobiles are instant, there is no boot up time like with laptops


So why do players prefer Android?


  1. Price. Android phones are generally cheaper than the equivalent Apple models.

  2. Play Store is now Open to Gambling Apps. Until mid 2017, the Google Play store was closed to gambling apps, but the opening up of this channel has exposure many UK slot sites to a new audience of mobile players.

About the source:  Egypt Slots have kindly provided the data for this article and we would like to thank them for the contribution. Egypt Slots is a relatively new website launched in May 2018, it leads with its main offer of 10 Free Spins on Cleopatra – Deposit Required.  The website is extremely mobile friendly and fast to load and responsive across all major devices.

With regards to mobile slot games, they have a large number of suitable games including Cleopatra, Crown of Egypt, Starburst and Rainbow Riches.


What else can we learn from this source?


  • The most popular screen resolution is 340 x 640.

  • The most popular single device brand is still Apple Iphone as the Android market is incredibly fragmented across Samsung, Motorola, Sony and others.

  • On a lighter note, its also interesting to know that 1% of visitors still use a old fashioned mobile mousewheel to visit websites in May 2018.



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