Latest Barcelona GSMA conference gaming developments

The GSMA Congress has always done a great job at bringing together the top talents and stakeholders in the communication industry. If you are concerned with catching up with the latest trends in the mobile industry, then GSMA Mobile World Congress is one such event you should set your eyes on. This year’s event took place between February 27 and March 2nd. As always, the conference attracted some of the brilliant brains in the mobile, finance, automotive, technology and even healthcare industries.

But as far as this year’s event is concerned, it appears that online gaming is gaining significance day by day since new devices are being introduced to push the agenda even furthermore. Since this event serves as a launching pad for the year’s big smart phone companies, attendees still had to treat their eyes and ears to some great news pertaining to the re-launch of the Nokia Brand, the Blackberry as well as the rise of AI or Artificial Intelligence.

The re-launch of Nokia and how this is related to the latest gaming development

We all know that Steve Jobs was a factor to blame for the fall of Nokia since he introduced iPhone and an open-minded app store that would see this brand sliding into oblivion.

The brand was sold to Microsoft which ended up killing it altogether—although it preserved some brand rights which would later see Microsoft licensing a Finish startup called HMD to revive the brand.

We actually learned from this year’s Barcelona GSMA congress that Nokia was being re-launched in two variants with displays measuring 5.2’’ and 5.5’’ respectively. The phones will be running Google’s famous Android platform, and this is in line with the overall agenda of internet gaming.

Through introducing a sizeable display in a Nokia device and also letting it run the latest Android version, casino companies like Royal Vegas online casino will be pleased to welcome new users as more customers are expected to get these Nokia devices at a cheaper price. With better graphic engines and large displays to enjoy, Nokia believes that they will recapture the market again.

Blackberry making a come-back in a big way

If you thought the iconic Blackberry device was strictly meant for business purposes (at least before the brand died), then you ought to know that the new Blackberry Key One phone will accommodate intense gaming as well.

Having been licensed to a Chinese company called TCL Communications, most people are of the opinion that the phone will compete better with rivals this time round. For sure, the phone has a nice blend of Blackberry’s iconic features with those of Android phones.

While people were quick to point out that the display (4.5’’) is a little smaller compared to that of iPhone Plus or Google Pixel XL, the company insists that the screen is actually big enough when the virtual keyboard is turned on. Now, this means that you can finally play games using a virtual keyboard (as opposed to touching and swiping) on a Blackberry. And to favor the gaming industry, Blackberry will be selling the device for $100 less in the US market (when compared to Apple and Samsung devices).

Basically, this year’s World Mobile Congress made major strides in mobile device technology in relation to gaming. They even talked about AI, a concept that can be applied in almost all facets of the market. In fact, there are talks that AI is now being tested in relation to gaming. If things go well, then we could possibly see a scenario where this technology will be used in platforms such as Royal Vegas Online Casino to benefit players.

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