How to create game content when you have NO drawing skills

Can you create a gaming website if you only no code? The answer is yes!

So, you are sitting on your computer playing your favorite game when it occurs to you that you could make a better version of it. Perhaps you want bigger guns, more adversaries, a flying monkey, who knows? All you know is that you have the coding knowledge to make the best gaming website ever. But then it occurs to you, you have absolutely no drawing and 3D skills whatsoever. You stickmen even look bad. Should you abandon your pursuits of the best gaming site ever, or is there a solution? The answer is yes, there are solutions and you can create a great gaming website if you only know code.

You will need to have game code knowledge

Unless you are planning on spending a ton of money on hiring someone to create the game, you will need to understand the basic language of the gaming software which is available. Game software includes Unreal, CryEngine, and Unity. Granted, there are other platforms out there, but for the most part this is it. If you are planning on having your game on a mobile device, and let us be realistic if you want your game played you do, then you will need to know the standards for either IOS or Android games.

Create a storyboard

For this part of the process, I would advise that you hire a freelancer to do the work for you. Write out a brief listing the progression of the game. Be sure to include any 3D models or 3D Characters you intend to have in the game. This will allow for the storyboard artist to better draft out, visually, key points in the game. Be specific so that you do not have multiple revisions. For example, you would not want to state “I want to create a war game with tanks” as this is too ambiguous. Instead you would need to state something along the lines of “I am creating a WWII first person shooter game which will have the ability for the players to ride in and control the tanks as they siege key historical battle points.”

When picking out your storyboard artist, check their feedback, look at the examples of their work (it does no good to hire someone that draws as poorly as you do), and negotiate the number of revisions. Once you have your storyboard nailed down, then you can move on to the actual creation.

Acquire your elements

It is not cheating to purchase 3D Characters and 3D models for your game. In fact, it is rather smart as it optimizes the time that you will need to spend on visual development. When looking for your 3D content, look for models which are 3D and not 2D. With the advancements in the shading and rendering of 3D objects, even if you are trying to get a 2D look you can do so with 3D. However, 2D will always remain in 2D format. To explain better, if you need to rotate a character 10 degrees to make it look better in the game, a 3D model can easily do this. However, in 2D the character would need to be redrawn.

3D elements should be low poly for your game. For those which do not know about modeling (and if you cannot draw the odds are that you have not done 3D modeling), this means that the data for the model has been reduced by making the model have less visual surfaces. As a result, the game loads and runs faster. High poly characters may look better, but for gaming purposes they are useless.

Get to coding

And now is the moment that you have been waiting for, coding. Since you already have a firm grasp of how to code, the last step is using your coding knowledge to make the 3D models interact with the other elements in the game. Here is where your resolution outputs, your collisions, power-ups, and effects will come into play. Yes, you have purchased the elements and they are ready to go, but now you have to make them do something. If coding does not cover all the animation and interactions you need, you might have to go into the 3D software development program, such as 3ds max and render out some animation sets.

Be sure that once your coding is done that you do Alpha and Beta testing on your site before you go live or submit it to Apple or Google. I would highly recommend that you use a debugger program to find any potential errors in your coding.

What to do next?

Well, you have done it. You have created a game without any visual skills at all and I works great. The only thing that remains is to play it, sell it, and think of your next big idea for your gaming site.

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