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Undoubtedly, we are living in a mobile era and there are no signs at all that this trend is slowing down. We have come to rely on our mobile devices, especially our smartphones for so many things that many would turn around on a night out and go back home if they had forgotten to pick up their mobile.

You only have to see what is closest to people in a pub or restaurant or watch people walking down the street to see which is the most important piece of kit about – mobile use is here to stay!

Convenience is the Name of the Game

Ever since technology advanced and the internet became more reliable and available mobile use has become so essential to many people that to have a phone stolen or to lose one is viewed as a minor disaster. Today, we shop and pay for goods and services, keep healthy, find love, pay for vacations, tickets to concerts and the movies, do the weekly shop and source our entertainment.

The savvy industries were those that saw the potential of the mobile market in the early days and optimised their services to that market with the gambling industry being possibly the savviest of them all.

The gambling industry has always pioneered new ideas and embraced new technology resulting in mobile games that have exceptional graphics, seamless game play and offer all the casino action anyone could want from anywhere and at any time.

Using your Phone to Pay for Games

Indeed, having an online casino games via a smartphone is the preferred method of many players, convenient and as exciting as any computer game, mobile play is second to none.

However, there will always be that element that would steal personal details including banking details which can put people off funding an online casino site and if that is the case for you then you might be interested to know that you can pay for your games using your smartphone – no need to give any banking details to your site which means that any hackers cannot get any banking details!

What is Payforit?

Ok, Payforit deposits explained is quick and simple to follow – it’s a safe, secure and seamless way to fund your online casino account and get the games to go.

Supported by all the main UK phone carriers Payforit is the common framework for UK mobile carriers’ phone billing services where the cost of your games is either deducted from your pay as you go balance or added onto your monthly phone bill.

Some of the mobile service providers that support Payforit includes:

  • Virgin
  • Vodaphone
  • O2
  • EE
  • Three


Simply choose the Pay by Phone or Pay by Mobile option when you want to make a deposit on the banking page of your casino and follow the simple instructions to set this option up – the name might vary but essentially, it’s the same method.

  • Choose how much you wish to deposit (there is a £30 daily limit on this method)
  • Enter Your Phone Number (a onetime process)
  • You will then be sent a confirmation code by SMS – enter it when prompted by the casino
  • You will then get a confirmation when your deposit is successful

And there you have it, you are good to go – stress free and able to enjoy your casino games whenever you choose.

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