Nokia Belle FP2

Nokia rolls out Belle FP2 update, pulls update as users report bugs

The much-awaited version of Nokia’s Symbian operating system; Nokia Belle FP2 is now available as an OTA update for the 808 and 701 devices as of 2 October 2012.

The firmware version for this update is 113.010.xxxx

Here is what is new in Nokia Belle FP2 for Nokia 701 as compared to Belle FP1

  • New search icon on the homescreen
  • New Browser (version 8.3)
  • New Music Player, with embedded lyrics support, newer user interface, tabbed layout for Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists and Genres
  • New Qwerty keyboard
  • New Camera app (similar to the one in 808 PureView)
  • Newer Car mode app
  • Swipe to unlock feature
  • Few new widgets; Text Clock, Notes widget etc.
  • Play/Pause button in the notification pane for Music Player
  • Newer Gallery with transition effects, more information about images and a share to facebook button

Soon after the update was rolled out, several users complained of instability and missing features and Nokia pulled the update from its servers, it is not known yet when will the fixed operating system be available again.

Here are some of the popular complaints reported by users in Belle v 113.01.xxxx:

  • Several 808 PureView users reported that their devices were not able to update and had gone dead
  • Google Maps still doesnt work. though not technically a bug on Nokia’s behalf, users were eager to see Google Maps get supported again as there were rumours circulating for quite a while that the newer Belle will restore support for Google Maps.
  • The newer Camera app does not let one switch to the front camera
  • Camera app lacks an exit button
  • No way to change Camera tone
  • The default Nokia Evolve theme now has lighter grey colors instead of the old dark shades, which does not look quite aesthetically pleasing
  • Device now takes longer time to boot
  • No way to mark multiple images in gallery for sharing over bluetooth, multiple marking is supported only for deletion
  • The OS is overall quite unstable and hangs and freezes more frequently than before

You can view the official thread of this update at the Nokia Support Discussions forum over here :

As a loyal Symbian fan, it was disheartening for me to see Nokia come out with a half-baked product.

Lets wait and hope that Nokia fixes the problems and comes up with a better update soon for all the die-hard Symbian loyalists out there.

Screenshots for the Nokia Belle FP2 version 113.01.xxxx:

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