gMap 2.0, now with Weather feature, Favorites and full touch support

5 days ago, I uploaded an application for Nokia Belle that displays Google Maps for your current position and places you search for.

That app was very primitive and could not be called a real map application.
Here is a newer completely overhauled version of it in which I have tried to implement as many features of the Google Maps application as possible. Jump to download link.

Features of gMap v2.0

  • Display current position using GPS
  • Full touch panning support
  • Save locations in a favorites list
  • Search for any place on earth
  • Get complete weather information of current place on map
  • Displays distances and direction of places from your current position


gMap screenshot
gMap screenshot
gMap screenshot
gMap screenshot
gMap screenshot

Compatibility and performance

This app may not work correctly or smoothly on Nokia Belle running Web Browser version lower than 8.3, i.e pre fp2 Belle.
Even on Belle fp2, the panning is not completely smooth as the app is basically a web app and runs in an instance of the web browser.
This app was tested on Nokia 701 and should work fine on Nokia PureView 808 too.


Download gMap v2.0 (83kb)

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  • Fulfilled just about all my complex mapping needs, with more features and ability than other mapping plugins I evaluated. The best!

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