Currency conversion using php and Google calculator api

Update 2:

As of November 1 2013, Google has discontinued iGoogle and hence this method no longer works. Please use the following free API instead :

Also check out our online currency conversion tool that uses the aforementioned JSON API :

While most of us use Google for searching the web for information , few are aware that it has an inbuilt calculator which can also be used for converting a currency into another . Doing so is really simple , you just type ” AMOUNT CURRENCY_CONVERTING_FROM in CURRENCY_CONVERTING_TO ” and search , the inbuilt calculator will give you the result .For example , if one wants to convert 1 U.S Dollar into Euro , he shall type “1 USD in EUR” .

Now lets get to the topic of this post , Google also has a secret calculator API ( ) that is usually used for iGoogle gadgets , but since its free and open , anyone can use it .
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WordPress theme – The Ataraxis

Ataraxis literally means “absence of mental stress or anxiety” . And that is exactly what this beautiful WordPress theme does !The Ataraxis is a nature-themed two-column 800px wide WordPress theme with widgetised sidebar , Cufon text-image replacement for headers ,
jQuery tooltips on links ,Rotating headers , Custom logos , reply/quote feature on comments , collapsible widgets , built-in social bookmarks on posts and many other features.

The Ataraxis Features

  • 800px wide
  • Two-columns with left sidebar
  • Cufon text-image replacement for headings
  • 4 different nature-themed header backgrounds
  • Collapsible widgets
  • Sutured Javascript for faster loading
  • jQuery animated tooltips on links ( use the title attribute)
  • Reply/Quote feature on comments
  • Zebra stripped and Admin highlighted comments
  • Custom logo support
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Smooth scrolling for internal links
  • Custom description in footer for better SEO
  • Builtin social bookmarking for 6 most common sites
  • Ability to add custom CSS from theme options page without having to edit the stylesheet
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Displays a browser warning to IE 6 users
  • CSS 3 curved border and text-shadow effects
  • Easy to customize and clean CSS
  • Some custom CSS classes that you can use in posts :
    • .highlight , .note
    • .warning , .error
    • .download ( use on <a> )
    • .frame ( us on images to give them a silvery frame )
  • Around a dozen theme options

Download The Ataraxis v1.0


Code for HTML drop down menu of all countries

2018 Update

The code is now updated to include more countries and several errors have been fixed.

To quickly create large HTML drop down menus like this, visit our HTML drop down menu generator tool here:

During development involving user registration , you might want to display a drop down list of all countries for the user to chose from , but writing all that code for ( <select><option….. ) 240+ countries can be a tedious and frustrating task , so here is the code for HTML drop down menu of all countries . Read more…


WordPress: Add Homepage-only links

Well, this is my first guest post at DG…let’s start out with something useful in WordPress…

Sometime ago, I had to add a “homepage-only” link on my WP Blog, that would appear only on the Homepage of the blog and no where else. There isn’t any such option in WP so I tried out some googling to get a solution for it :) Read more…

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