How to create game content when you have NO drawing skills

Can you create a gaming website if you only no code? The answer is yes!

So, you are sitting on your computer playing your favorite game when it occurs to you that you could make a better version of it. Perhaps you want bigger guns, more adversaries, a flying monkey, who knows? All you know is that you have the coding knowledge to make the best gaming website ever. But then it occurs to you, you have absolutely no drawing and 3D skills whatsoever. You stickmen even look bad. Should you abandon your pursuits of the best gaming site ever, or is there a solution? The answer is yes, there are solutions and you can create a great gaming website if you only know code.

You will need to have game code knowledge

Unless you are planning on spending a ton of money on hiring someone to create the game, you will need to understand the basic language of the gaming software which is available. Game software includes Unreal, CryEngine, and Unity. Granted, there are other platforms out there, but for the most part this is it. If you are planning on having your game on a mobile device, and let us be realistic if you want your game played you do, then you will need to know the standards for either IOS or Android games.

Create a storyboard

For this part of the process, I would advise that you hire a freelancer to do the work for you. Write out a brief listing the progression of the game. Be sure to include any 3D models or 3D Characters you intend to have in the game. This will allow for the storyboard artist to better draft out, visually, key points in the game. Be specific so that you do not have multiple revisions. For example, you would not want to state “I want to create a war game with tanks” as this is too ambiguous. Instead you would need to state something along the lines of “I am creating a WWII first person shooter game which will have the ability for the players to ride in and control the tanks as they siege key historical battle points.”

When picking out your storyboard artist, check their feedback, look at the examples of their work (it does no good to hire someone that draws as poorly as you do), and negotiate the number of revisions. Once you have your storyboard nailed down, then you can move on to the actual creation.

Acquire your elements

It is not cheating to purchase 3D Characters and 3D models for your game. In fact, it is rather smart as it optimizes the time that you will need to spend on visual development. When looking for your 3D content, look for models which are 3D and not 2D. With the advancements in the shading and rendering of 3D objects, even if you are trying to get a 2D look you can do so with 3D. However, 2D will always remain in 2D format. To explain better, if you need to rotate a character 10 degrees to make it look better in the game, a 3D model can easily do this. However, in 2D the character would need to be redrawn.

3D elements should be low poly for your game. For those which do not know about modeling (and if you cannot draw the odds are that you have not done 3D modeling), this means that the data for the model has been reduced by making the model have less visual surfaces. As a result, the game loads and runs faster. High poly characters may look better, but for gaming purposes they are useless.

Get to coding

And now is the moment that you have been waiting for, coding. Since you already have a firm grasp of how to code, the last step is using your coding knowledge to make the 3D models interact with the other elements in the game. Here is where your resolution outputs, your collisions, power-ups, and effects will come into play. Yes, you have purchased the elements and they are ready to go, but now you have to make them do something. If coding does not cover all the animation and interactions you need, you might have to go into the 3D software development program, such as 3ds max and render out some animation sets.

Be sure that once your coding is done that you do Alpha and Beta testing on your site before you go live or submit it to Apple or Google. I would highly recommend that you use a debugger program to find any potential errors in your coding.

What to do next?

Well, you have done it. You have created a game without any visual skills at all and I works great. The only thing that remains is to play it, sell it, and think of your next big idea for your gaming site.


Key considerations for your gaming website

Gaming Website

The video gaming revolution of the 21st century has brought many challenges to the budding web developer. As well as the constantly expanding range of platforms, web browsers and scripting software, there’s also a new generation of gamers who are evermore sensitive to any gaming site that falls short of the heightened expectations.

So what can you do to ensure a failsafe gaming experience? Here are a few tips and examples from the likes of action RPG games to even online casino titles that show the obstacles that must be overcome to give you a gaming site to truly be proud of.

The Ninja Kiwi games developers have had a proven track record of successes in the online gaming sphere thanks to their aesthetically-simple, yet tactically complex series of games such as Fortress Destroyer.

As well as being a popular mobile gaming app for iOS and Android devices, the game has also developed a new lease of life as an online browser-based game. However, although it can easily be played on Safari and Firefox browser, it is still inexplicably unable to function on Google Chrome which will undoubtedly limit its overall effectiveness.

Being able to cater towards a wide variety of gaming platforms is obviously a time consuming affair, but with App Stores making it relatively easy for even the smallest indie title to reach a global audience, it’s definitely a step worth taking.

A good example would be Mr Smith Casino who, as well as a casino app, have also ensured that their website has an easily browsable selection of titles complete with atmospheric audio so that gamers can easily see which gambling game can provide the best jackpot from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Convenience is a massive issue when it comes to developing a gaming website. A quick look at the Kongregate website reveals not only a wide range of games, but the load time has been slashed due to the efficient use of graphics and limited screen size that has been key to ensuring that this is a go-to for many fledgling games developers.

Whereas Armor Games have aimed to make their gaming site a little more personal thanks to the full integration with social networks and login options to enable a deeper and more user-friendly gaming experience.

So whether you’re building a gaming website that helps users find the latest casino jackpot, or delivering a more immersive audiovisual experience, there’s plenty to consider on your ambitious gaming site.


5 Easiest WebGL Tools To Use

So you want to run fancy interactive 3D media on your website without any fancy shmancy plug-ins. Well, that‘s just fine, because you‘re living in the future, and the future supports WebGL. It‘s also supported by any browser you care to name – if it can‘t run WebGL, it‘s either outdated or used by 6 people around the world. But what tools should you use if you‘re just starting out and don‘t really know much of programing?

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine is the big kid on the block. It‘s used to power some of the biggest games on the block – on the future block, too, seing how the top-of-the-line Samsung Gear VR game EVE Gunjack runs on it. It‘s freshly introducing blueprints which allows developers to drag-n-drop variables and actions instead of programming everything by hand. Of course, scripting is still available for pros, but newbie-friendlyness is one of the main selling points!

Unity 5

Unity is the other white meat… er, easy to use developer tool with WebGL support. Unity runs roughly all of the indie games out there, from Kickstarter darlings like Wasteland 2 to anything available on Samsung Gear VR that‘s not EVE Gunjack. Much like Unreal Engine 4, it also supports game design without actual coding, though it‘s flexible enough to allow for people with scripting experience. Make use of the bajillion tutorials available for it, too.

Goo Create

Goo Create doesn‘t even want you to leave the browser. It allows you to create WebGL games, apps and animations without coding and for free. Hell, you can create immersive ads that people won‘t mind seeing and exploring, if you‘re good enough. Just drag and drop stuff until you are done! Their website itself demonstrates the kind of interactive fun that WebGL is capable of, and there are a few demonstrations covering the main areas of use.

You‘re not going anywhere without models, buster. is the a 3D modeling platform in WebGL and it allows you to make your own 3D models online, for free. Just sign it and start creating, and soon you‘ll have tanks, space ships and other fancy objects aplenty. Of course, you might desire models that are a little more refined than the ones you just made, so you can always turn your gaze to websites like CGTrader. They have thousands of low-poly models (you know, just the kind of model you want for games and apps) in their libraries. And as is the case with aforementioned CGTrader, there are many free 3D models too, which allow you to skip the whole „3D modeling“ phase.

Chrome Experiments

This website will serve as an inspiration in your many trials and travails with WebGL. These users have already made some strange and wondrous stuff – lighsaber simulators included – so give them a spin. Who knows, they might inspire you to do something fresh (or fresh-ish) and show you the heights that WebGL can take you to. One day you might also be one of them!
So there you have it. These are all good tools for an aspiring WebGL developer. From software with premade blocks of states and actions to be used instead of coding to 3D modeling suites run on WebGl, to Chrome Experiment, everything is at your fingertips.


How to Take Back Control of Your Website

As your company grows, you take on IT experts that immediately start telling you what to do. The loss of control may have even started before that. It is possible that you were convinced that producing a website would be too hard, and that you were unqualified to deal with it. If you turned the creation of your site over to a consultant during its embryonic phase, then you never really had control of your site in the first place.

No worries. It’s still not too late to take back control of your site. Here’s how:

Trust Your User Instincts

You don’t have to be a professional web designer to have a worthwhile opinion about your own website. Often, web designers are in a bubble that keeps them from understanding how regular people use the web. User experience is everything. You may not be an expert designer, but you are an expert user. Your user experience can inform about aspects such as:

  • Home page attractiveness
  • Choice of images
  • Impression of clutter
  • Navigation simplicity

Your judgement about these things is valid. Take control by using your valid judgements as a user, to guide the decisions shaping your website.

Make the Decisions that Matter

It’s your site. You can and should take control of making all the important decisions regarding how that site runs. After all, the responsibility is yours whether or not you outsourced the decision making. There is plenty about your site that requires executive control.

  • What kind of ads are you going to run? To the user, there is no distinction between an ad on your site, and the sites content that you create. You need to decide everything from how salacious you want the ads to be, to how many and how aggressive they are.
  • What is your mobile strategy? Is your desktop site mobile responsive, or will you have a separate mobile site? Will you provide an app for an even better mobile experience?
  • What platforms will you cater to? Are you targeting iOS only, or iOS and Android? Which Androids? That can be a real problem for developers. What are your plans for Windows Phone and Blackberry?
  • When it comes to ecommerce, do you want to be able to take Apple Pay, or just accept whatever the web host provides?
  • This list goes on…

Know What You Don’t Know

A little humility goes a long way. Of course it is your site. Everyone knows that. And there is plenty that you can and should control. But you are not a technician or security expert. There are things that you don’t know. And you need to be well aware of what those things are. You don’t want to be one of those people who doesn’t know what you don’t know, and makes of mess of everything in your zeal to make things better.
Once you know what you don’t know, outsource that part to a trusted company. Even then, you never take your hand completely off the wheel. The support staff answers to you, even if that support staff is a third-party. For example, you make look to an IT support company like Firewall Technical for managed services, but still retain full website control. Speaking in general, they describe one of the benefits of such a service this way:
It does not take long for a business to fall behind on IT maintenance. If a business fails to keep up with things such as patches, backups, upgrades or security it can quickly result in numerous issues. IT outages, or other costly IT issues can seriously harm a business. To give an example, a faulty email server or network failure can result in a loss in income and a loss in productivity.
By outsourcing daily IT duties, a business will free up its internal resources and reduce the number of IT-related business interruptions.
When you know what you don’t know, then you can free up resources to do what you do best.
You wouldn’t let your marketing run amuck without supervision. So why would you do that for your website? Now is the time to take back control of one of the most important aspects of your business.


How To Create a Great Website That Attracts Customers

Your website design can be a powerful tool to attract customers. Many businesses, however, face intense competition for clients. Without a well designed website, customers may not find you. Use these tips to create an engaging website that your clients and prospects will love.

Your user’s experience

To create your website, think about what you want the user’s experience to be:
Home page: Searchbloom reports that 75% of website searches never go past the first page that is viewed. Make the look and feel of your home page a priority.
Images: Images make your website more interesting, but they also slow down the time it takes for pages to load. You need to balance these two factors when you choose website images.
Clutter: A clean look is more appealing. Make sure that your pages have some blank space. Your type font should make the page easy to read. Don’t crowd too much text on a page. A web page is a lot like a page in a book. In either case, you don’t want the page to look cluttered.
Simple navigation: If you do entice a viewer to click through to other pages, you want to make page navigation simple. Make sure that tabs and buttons are easy to see.

Using WordPress

WordPress is an online website publishing platform. This software powers more that 23% of the websites on the Internet.
You can choose from hundreds of themes to use on your website. A theme is a specific layout for your site. You can search for themes based on your industry, or they the type of site you want to create (blog, ecommerce, etc.). If you change from one theme to another, WordPress can load your website data into the new theme.

Mobile friendly websites

The HostGator blog points out that, in 2014, a majority of website searches were completed using mobile devices. Because of the convenience of mobile phones, the trend toward mobile use will continue.
To address this shift in technology, you need a website that looks great on mobile devices- and is easy to navigate. Your site should encourage a viewer to navigate your mobile site.
Here are some useful tips to become mobile friendly:
WordPress theme: When you’re checking out themes, see how each theme looks on a mobile device. You want a theme that is described as a responsive layout. This term means that the website pages load quickly.
Hosting company: A hosting company stores your website and ensures that the website loads properly. You’re looking for a reliable hosting company. That means that the firm keeps your site up and running at all times.
Finger friendly: Your website layout should allow the user to navigate easily with the touch of a finger.
Text size: Make sure that your text size is large enough to be viewed on a mobile device.
Content marketing
Google has changed their search engine to put a greater emphasis on useful content for readers of websites. Adding relevant content to your site can keep viewers engaged.
If a reader likes a post that you wrote, they may look for more interesting articles on your site. The longer they stay, the more likely that they will buy your product or service.
Use all of these tips to create a compelling website. Your website can help differentiate you from your competitors.


Mobile Website Designing Examples

Google recently updated their algorithm to favour mobile friendly sites which makes complete sense because 80% of internet users are using their smartphones to search online.  This means that many businesses who don’t already have a mobile friendly site are rushing to get their websites updated so that they’re compatible with smartphones and tablet devices before they start dropping down the rankings

This leads to the topic of what makes a good mobile website design.  It’s all fine well getting a mobile friendly site but you need to consider what design features it should have to ensure that it does the job that it’s set out to do and gives internet users a high-quality experience.  There are some good examples out there and we’ll show you some of the best that we’ve come across.

1. Google Maps

Where would we be without Google Maps?  Probably lost in the middle of nowhere!  What’s really great about this mobile site is that it looks exactly the same as their app.  Not only that but it has the same speed and functionality as the app. If you are using a Symbian Belle mobile then check out our Maps app that uses Google Maps API

2. Amazon

If you haven’t shopped on Amazon before, where have you been?  What we love most about this retailer is that they sell everything under the sun.  You name it they have it!  There are two types of shoppers who visit Amazon. There are the people who know exactly what they’re looking for and there are other people who just want to browse through certain categories.  The design of this website caters for both types of shoppers.  There’s the search bar for people to type in what they’re looking for and there’s a list of categories that you can use to narrow down your search.  Shopping has never been easier!  What’s also good about this mobile site is that you can check out customer reviews before you buy and if you don’t have the money to buy the item there and then you can just put it in your wishlist until payday.


3. S1 Jobs

S1 Jobs is one of the largest recruitment sites in Scotland and their straightforward design makes it easy for job hunters to search and apply for jobs.  Job hunters looking for the next step in their career can store their CV so they can apply for jobs anytime anywhere.


4. Casino Juggler

There’s not a better way to keep you entertained on that long bus journey home from work each day than by playing casino on your smartphone!  Casino Juggler is your one stop shop for all the best games around and the best places to play them.  It’s really easy to navigate your way around this site and the best part is that it offers you mobile casino free spins.  What more could you ask for?



Each of the mobile sites we have listed is significantly different from each other, but they’re all good examples of mobile website design.  So, when you’re creating a mobile friendly site you should consider the design features mentioned above and think about what ones will fit in with the needs of your business.


How Helped me – My attraction for Jewellery

I belong to a middle class family with modern outlook having more emphasis on studies and higher ethos and moralities. I do not know where from this maddening craze for the jewelleries has come within me as even my mother as well as my sister find least attraction for the jewelries. As a result I had to keep this passion deep under my soul knowing well that at any opportune moments it may surge out in the form of a volcano.


As per the guidelines of my parent and the family traditions I had to continue with my studies at schools and colleges and ultimately landed into the IAS cadres of the Government of India. Now I found myself independent and able to take my own decisions. Last night one strange thing happened in my dream in which I found myself in the wedding attires standing with all smiles alongside my silent lover Aneesh. Neither he nor I have ever spoken anything about this kind of love that has been expressed in the peculiar dream of mine. But leaving aside this I found myself heavily decorated with various kinds of ornaments all over my body.


I knew immediately that the suppressed passion sown deep inside my soul have found its way out and will not stop poking me till I satisfy it. As an administrator subjected to various issues to solve I took it up psychologically in order to soft play with my passion. The famed website coupon machine is my pet web site for finding any items that I desire. As I was browsing through the site it referred me to shoppers stop offers store page and that was giving attractive discounts in their jewellery collections. I was spellbound looking at their collections as all the items were matching with the ones that I wore in my dream wedding except a few that flashed vividly still in my memory.


The other web page about which there was a reference in the couponmachine site was of Americanswan deals section. Suppressing my excitement I started browsing the web site in order to find the rest of my dream ornaments. To my surprise I found the exact copies of the rest of the same ornaments that I wore in my dream wedding night before.


I had the privilege of studying the book on dreams written by Sigmond Froid. I thought there must be some connection between my dream and the ornaments displayed in the shoppers’ stores. But now I had to douse the flame of the passion raising its head within me. So without any delay I ordered all the ornaments with the shoppers that carried quite a good amount of discount which along with the fall in the gold prices happened to be quite cheap for me.


By psychiatric treatment of my deep soul I could get rid of the unwelcome passion sowed deep inside my psyche leaving me completely logical and upstart as I want myself to be. But one point I must confess here that the dream fetched me my love.


Beefing Up WordPress Security

If you are serious about your WordPress-based website, then you should also be serious about WordPress security. A search for WordPress at the National Vulnerability Database shows that WordPress has had an increasing number of vulnerabilities each year, with a whopping 342 in 2014. The number of vulnerabilities has decreased significantly for 2015, but the number is still fairly high.

This means that if you use WordPress, and you are not taking extra security precautions, your site could be vulnerable.

Luckily, there are some fairly quick and easy ways to beef up your WordPress security.

Address WordPress Vulnerabilities

You need a database to use WordPress; but if you share that database with other web applications, it will make your site more vulnerable. Instead of using a shared database, create a database specifically for WordPress so that your data is compartmentalized and contained.

You should also create a user account specifically for this database, and make this the only account that has access, and has limited access to the SQL commands. Do not use the default admin username because that would be too easy to crack.

You also need to create a strong passphrase for this account rather than the usual password. Passphrases are often easier to remember, and they can be harder to crack. To be most effective, use a phrase that is unusual, but has meaning to you.

You should also lock down your index and protect your WordPress Admin files by editing the .htacces file.

To lock down the index, making it invisible to browsing you would add the following line to the .htaccess file: Options All –Indexes.

To protect your Admin files, you can allow access for a specific IP address, or range of addresses, and deny access to everything else. You need to put a .htaccess in the wp-admin with the following lines:

  1.  Order Deny, Allow
  2.  Allow from ##.##.##.## (where the “##”s are the numbers in the allowed IP address or range)
  3.  Deny from all

You can also set a user name and password combination for an extra layer of security.

Address Vulnerabilities on Your Computer

Creating a secure database is all well and good, but you will still be vulnerable if your computer isn’t protected. PC users have been using antivirus and internet security products for years, while Mac users have historically lagged behind due to the Mac’s perceived invulnerability to viruses and attacks. Unfortunately, hackers are now writing viruses and other malware to target Macs, leaving many Mac users vulnerable.

While Macs do have some built-in security features, industry leaders like Trend Micro have developed internet security and antivirus software for Mac operating systems.

You should also make sure that your operating system is up-to-date with the latest security patches, as well as the WordPress software.

These are just a few of the ways that you can beef up your WordPress security and give your site an extra measure of protection.

WordPress also provides a lot of information on security and maintenance, as well as updates for the latest version of WordPress.

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