Learning jQuery

jQuery is a comprehensive free javascript library that is a must for every designer and developer. It is extremely powerfull and very easy to learn and use and saves a developer a hell lot of time. It can be used to build powerful interactive User Interfaces and sites.You can take a look at some awesome sites built using jquery at jQueryStyle.com to better understand what this little wonder library is capable of.
The library was first written by John Resig back in 2006. The current realease version at the time of writing is 1.3.2. Due to its DOM centered approach, jQuery is very easy to learn for a person who already has some css and xhtml background.
You can download your copy of jQuery from the homepage of jQuery.com
There are a number of free resources on the web which teach you jQuery right from the start, but i would recommend LearningJQuery as it is well documented and has three separate sections for beginner,intermediate and advanced levels. LearningJQuery is authored by Karl Swedberg and some other authors. it is a good place to start with for people new to jQuery. Also the jQuery Docs is good place to refer to whenever you find yourself stuck with a problem.

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