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The video gaming revolution of the 21st century has brought many challenges to the budding web developer. As well as the constantly expanding range of platforms, web browsers and scripting software, there’s also a new generation of gamers who are evermore sensitive to any gaming site that falls short of the heightened expectations.

So what can you do to ensure a failsafe gaming experience? Here are a few tips and examples from the likes of action RPG games to even online casino titles that show the obstacles that must be overcome to give you a gaming site to truly be proud of.

The Ninja Kiwi games developers have had a proven track record of successes in the online gaming sphere thanks to their aesthetically-simple, yet tactically complex series of games such as Fortress Destroyer.

As well as being a popular mobile gaming app for iOS and Android devices, the game has also developed a new lease of life as an online browser-based game. However, although it can easily be played on Safari and Firefox browser, it is still inexplicably unable to function on Google Chrome which will undoubtedly limit its overall effectiveness.

Being able to cater towards a wide variety of gaming platforms is obviously a time consuming affair, but with App Stores making it relatively easy for even the smallest indie title to reach a global audience, it’s definitely a step worth taking.

A good example would be Mr Smith Casino who, as well as a casino app, have also ensured that their website has an easily browsable selection of titles complete with atmospheric audio so that gamers can easily see which gambling game can provide the best jackpot from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Convenience is a massive issue when it comes to developing a gaming website. A quick look at the Kongregate website reveals not only a wide range of games, but the load time has been slashed due to the efficient use of graphics and limited screen size that has been key to ensuring that this is a go-to for many fledgling games developers.

Whereas Armor Games have aimed to make their gaming site a little more personal thanks to the full integration with social networks and login options to enable a deeper and more user-friendly gaming experience.

So whether you’re building a gaming website that helps users find the latest casino jackpot, or delivering a more immersive audiovisual experience, there’s plenty to consider on your ambitious gaming site.

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