A problem with float and clear that drove me crazy!

Yesterday i had submitted this wordpress theme of mine to the official wordpress theme directory. I got a feedback from the guys there stating that my theme wasnt valid as it had some issues and they asked me to fix them and upload again. I was able to fix all the issues but one, ant that was : the gallery, when inserted in the post, streches out the gallery container div to around 600px! I looked at the source code of the gallery and found that the gallery was created using the dt and dl tags, and the dt containing the images was set to float to left using css and each row of dt containing images was separated out by a br styled to clear:both. This was the part of document which was causing trouble, the br tag, after clearing both side was pushing down the next row of images to at least around 600px, trying to fix this issue only had me panicking after hours of debugging,re-writing some styles and googling the solution out, but in vain :( . It was when i was almost exhausted and felt like my brain was going to give up and shutdown that i told myself to give it a last try , i just gave my content div (which was set to float to left and was the parent of the post div that was streching out) a fixed width of 740px, and hurray, to my amazement i found that the problem was solved!!! :D . I dont know what actually happened, what had the width of the parent element to do with the vertical stretchning of the gallery image rows. So if you have an explanation then please lemme know in the comments below.

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