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Ataraxis literally means “absence of mental stress or anxiety” . And that is exactly what this beautiful WordPress theme does !The Ataraxis is a nature-themed two-column 800px wide WordPress theme with widgetised sidebar , Cufon text-image replacement for headers ,
jQuery tooltips on links ,Rotating headers , Custom logos , reply/quote feature on comments , collapsible widgets , built-in social bookmarks on posts and many other features.

The Ataraxis Features

  • 800px wide
  • Two-columns with left sidebar
  • Cufon text-image replacement for headings
  • 4 different nature-themed header backgrounds
  • Collapsible widgets
  • Sutured Javascript for faster loading
  • jQuery animated tooltips on links ( use the title attribute)
  • Reply/Quote feature on comments
  • Zebra stripped and Admin highlighted comments
  • Custom logo support
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Smooth scrolling for internal links
  • Custom description in footer for better SEO
  • Builtin social bookmarking for 6 most common sites
  • Ability to add custom CSS from theme options page without having to edit the stylesheet
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Displays a browser warning to IE 6 users
  • CSS 3 curved border and text-shadow effects
  • Easy to customize and clean CSS
  • Some custom CSS classes that you can use in posts :
    • .highlight , .note
    • .warning , .error
    • .download ( use on <a> )
    • .frame ( us on images to give them a silvery frame )
  • Around a dozen theme options

Download The Ataraxis v1.0

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