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WordPress – How to display featured posts in your theme

Featured Posts are a key feature of any news/journal wordpress site. It is pretty easy to develop a wordpress theme to display a fixed number of featured posts from a specific category on the homepage. It can be done using the query_posts() function of wordpress. Here are few lines of code that display latest 10 posts from the news category , you can edit it to tailor to your needs

How to list all registered users on your wordpress site

The thing i love the most in Wordpress is its ability to power almost any type of site, in this short tutorial we will dive into custom database queries in wordpress using the function wpdb(); to fetch and display the info of individual registered users on your site

Disguise/obfuscate your php code by base64 encoding it

If you are among the ones who give away free self written php scripts to everybody but want some way to stop script kiddies and newbies just copy-pasting and modifying your script or you just dont want code newbies to know the original code then this post is probably for you. The trick is to [&hellip

PHP contact form script

The most common use of php on the internet is probably to make Contact Forms or mail forms . Here is a free php contact form script that takes input from 5 fields : name,email,url,subject and message. The script also validates the input and checks to see if the name , email and message fields [&hellip

Display your visitors IP address using php

The following line of code shows your visitors their IP address,‘ ‘ <?php echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] ?>’ ‘ For knowing what all super globals are available for you use the function phpinfo(); or print the complete $_SERVER array using print_r($_SERVER)

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