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Github webhook PHP script for automated git pull on linux server

If you have a php website repository on Github and want to immediately deploy it to your server directory whenever you push to that repository from anywhere, then you should consider setting up a webhook in Github that will be triggered whenever anything is pushed to the repository. The webhook is just a php script [&hellip

The new Web Tools

Our nifty Web Tools service just got updated. Among the new features is the ability to generate sha-256 and sha-512 hashes. We also ported everything to javascript from php using the javascript equivalent of php functions provided by the awesome php.js project. Visit Web Tools Tools: md5 calculator sha1 calculator sha-256 generator sha-512 generator base64 [&hellip

Weather forecast script in php using Google Weather API

Update: This method no longer works since google now no longer allows public access to this api. Use the following JSON weather API instead: Weather forecast using javascript and worldweatheronline.com free api A few days back , we published an article about currency conversion using Google calculator API and php. Today we are going to [&hellip

Currency conversion using php and Google calculator api

Update 2: As of November 1 2013, Google has discontinued iGoogle and hence this method no longer works. Please use the following free API instead : www.dynamicguru.com/javascript/currency-conversion-using-javascript-and-openexchangerates-json-api/ Also check out our online currency conversion tool that uses the aforementioned JSON API : http://dynamicguru.com/currency-converter/ While most of us use Google for searching the web for information [&hellip

30+ Best Practices for PHP Beginners : Nettuts+

Nettuts+ recently published a very nice article summarising “30+ Best Practices for PHP Beginners” . The article is a must read for all PHP beginners. Check out the article here : http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/30-php-best-practices-for-beginners

Sniffing Googlebot using php

Ever wanted to know when Googlebot (google’s search engine spider) visits your site? . Googlebot can be sniffed (detected) easily using php. It is identifiable by the “Googlebot” string in the HTTP_USER_AGENT field it sends with the headers. Here is a simple function called is_google() which returns TRUE if the visitor is Googlebot, else FALSE. [&hellip

Parsing “ini” configuration files using php

Many times during development involving php, one would want to store some variables as settings. The most common way developers do this is by defining those variables at the beginning of the script. For example, while writing a contact form script, I would like to define a few handy variables first, including admin email, contact [&hellip

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