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jQuery 1.4 is out !

The latest and greatest version of jQuery , v1.4 is now out. This version comes bundled with many new great features such as per-property easing , new live events ( including submit !) , ability to delay() animations & new focusIn and focusOut events . Net tuts published an article summarising the new features in [&hellip

jQuery : How to highlight alternate rows of a table

While displaying large chunks of data in a table with lots of rows, it is really desireable to have a different background color for alternating rows. While there is no easy way you can do that using css alone, it is highly impractical to manually add a alt class to each alternate tr (table row). [&hellip

New theme!

If you are among the frequent visitors to my blog you will notice that i changed the blog theme today, this new theme is my own creation and the best part about it is the effects on the left sidebar, hover over a link to slide it towards right and click on a link category [&hellip

Learning jQuery

jQuery is a comprehensive free javascript library that is a must for every designer and developer. It is extremely powerfull and very easy to learn and use and saves a developer a hell lot of time. It can be used to build powerful interactive User Interfaces and sites.You can take a look at some awesome [&hellip

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