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Do more with the browser’s in-built JavaScript console

Most would be familiar with the god-send console.log() used for debugging web applications. Many modern browsers also implement several other handy console functions for when you need to do a little extra with the console. These functions are : console.info() console.warn() console.error() console.debug() Here is how they look in Chrome’s console : Common use-cases for [&hellip

Round numbers in JavaScript with precision

JavaScript has an inbuilt Math object with several useful methods that you can use to perform common mathematical operations on numbers. One of the most common tasks encountered when dealing with numbers in application development is rounding them off. For this the Math.round() method comes in handy and can be used like this: ‘ ‘ [&hellip

The new Web Tools

Our nifty Web Tools service just got updated. Among the new features is the ability to generate sha-256 and sha-512 hashes. We also ported everything to javascript from php using the javascript equivalent of php functions provided by the awesome php.js project. Visit Web Tools Tools: md5 calculator sha1 calculator sha-256 generator sha-512 generator base64 [&hellip

Javascript quadratic equation solver

Here is a simple javascript that solves quadratic equations of the form ax²+bx+c = O. You just have to specify the values of a ,b and c and the script then calculates the two real roots alpha(x1) and beta (x2)  of the equation. The script also tells you if the equation has a real root [&hellip

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