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Weather forecast script in php using Google Weather API

Update: This method no longer works since google now no longer allows public access to this api. Use the following JSON weather API instead: Weather forecast using javascript and worldweatheronline.com free api A few days back , we published an article about currency conversion using Google calculator API and php. Today we are going to [&hellip

Currency conversion using php and Google calculator api

Update 2: As of November 1 2013, Google has discontinued iGoogle and hence this method no longer works. Please use the following free API instead : www.dynamicguru.com/javascript/currency-conversion-using-javascript-and-openexchangerates-json-api/ Also check out our online currency conversion tool that uses the aforementioned JSON API : http://dynamicguru.com/currency-converter/ While most of us use Google for searching the web for information [&hellip

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