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Sniffing Googlebot using php

Ever wanted to know when Googlebot (google’s search engine spider) visits your site? . Googlebot can be sniffed (detected) easily using php. It is identifiable by the “Googlebot” string in the HTTP_USER_AGENT field it sends with the headers. Here is a simple function called is_google() which returns TRUE if the visitor is Googlebot, else FALSE. [&hellip

jQuery : How to highlight alternate rows of a table

While displaying large chunks of data in a table with lots of rows, it is really desireable to have a different background color for alternating rows. While there is no easy way you can do that using css alone, it is highly impractical to manually add a alt class to each alternate tr (table row). [&hellip

5 very useful online web tools

Web Tools is a collection of online tools developed to make your task easier. Currently it features 5 tools including : md5 hash calculator sha1 hash calculator HTML to ASCII convertor HTML and php tags stripper & Base 64 encoder and decoder The tools are developed using some pretty basic php functions , but still [&hellip

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