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Blurred text effect using CSS

The following quick-tip shows how to obtain a blurred-text effect using purely CSS. The trick is to set the color property to transparent and set an appropriate text-shadow Code ‘ ‘ p.blur { color:transparent; text-shadow:0px 0px 4px #333333; } ‘ ‘ Output Live Example

Change Text Selection Background Color using CSS

Change Text Selection Background Color with CSS

Almost all web browsers by default highlight the selected text on a webpage with a light blue background. But did you know that using CSS, you can change the color, background-color or any other CSS property of a selected chunk of text? You may have seen such effect on several beautifully designed websites and may [&hellip

5 useful CSS snippets and tricks

Here are 5 useful CSS tricks that I find myself using often, so I thought of sharing them here. Feel free to suggest others in the comments below. #1 The quick reset While there are a lot of lengthy and more comprehensive css resets available online, I’ve found that the following piece of code works [&hellip

Free HTML/CSS website template

This template is well suited for web design portfolio sites for individuals or agencies. The template contains four pages with a contact form and jQuery lightbox image gallery for portfolio. Since this is a free template please retain our link at the bottom of each page, or if you would like to remove the link, [&hellip

How to display a notice to your ie6 users using only css

The image on the left pretty much reveals my attitude towards Internet Explorer , If you are a web designer/developer and have similar feelings then you might want to display a notice to your internet explorer 6 users telling them what an hell of a browser are they using and prompting them to upgrade. There are many javascripty ways to do it, but here i will show you the simplest hack using only css

A problem with float and clear that drove me crazy!

Yesterday i had submitted this wordpress theme of mine to the official wordpress theme directory. I got a feedback from the guys there stating that my theme wasnt valid as it had some issues and they asked me to fix them and upload again. I was able to fix all the issues but one, ant [&hellip

My first web portfolio

Today i’ve launched my new website and my first web portfolio. You can check it out here: www.dynamicguru.com/mujtaba/ . The site is one of my best works till date and is the first site of mine to use ajax and is powered by jQuery. The site uses awesome jQuery effects for page transitions. Also it [&hellip

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