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URL Query Parameter Inspector Tool

Check out this handy tool that allows you to instantly analyze and inspect long URLs by splitting all the query parameters in a neat little table. It also gives you the ability to edit the parameter names and values on the fly. The tool is available at www.dynamicguru.com/url-query-param-inspector

The Step By Step Guide to Trading CryptoCurrencies

If you have been paying attention over the past year you will have noticed how much emphasis has been placed on cryptocurrency trading. Everyone is talking about it. News channels are running endless broadcasts. Well known investors have all chimed in on the future of the digital assets. This all leaves a really important question. [&hellip

How 3D can help your PowerPoint

Enhance your presentation by going beyond the template PowerPoint templates are one of the quickest ways in which a professional can relate information to a large group of people quickly and visually. As such free templates for PowerPoint have populated the internet, making for rather repetitive selections. Those wishing to break away from the cliché [&hellip

Github webhook PHP script for automated git pull on linux server

If you have a php website repository on Github and want to immediately deploy it to your server directory whenever you push to that repository from anywhere, then you should consider setting up a webhook in Github that will be triggered whenever anything is pushed to the repository. The webhook is just a php script [&hellip

Do more with the browser’s in-built JavaScript console

Most would be familiar with the god-send console.log() used for debugging web applications. Many modern browsers also implement several other handy console functions for when you need to do a little extra with the console. These functions are : console.info() console.warn() console.error() console.debug() Here is how they look in Chrome’s console : Common use-cases for [&hellip

Understanding Your Game Options at an Online Casino

If you are new to online casino gaming, you may feel overwhelmed when you first visit an online casino. Some of the top online casinos offer hundreds of unique games, with a range of game types and styles available for players to choose from. It is important to understand the different casino games for UK [&hellip

Latest Barcelona GSMA conference gaming developments

The GSMA Congress has always done a great job at bringing together the top talents and stakeholders in the communication industry. If you are concerned with catching up with the latest trends in the mobile industry, then GSMA Mobile World Congress is one such event you should set your eyes on. This year’s event took [&hellip

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