How to install Windows 7 from a USB drive the easy way

With the advent of cheap high capacity USB flash drives our reliance on optical drives is continuously decreasing.
PCs with malfunctioning or non existant optical drives face a dilemma while having to reinstall operating system which are most commonly in the form of bootable DVDs.

Here is a step by step guide to installing windows 7 from a USB flash drive.
This article assumes that you have the operating system files stored on your HDD. If the OS is in .iso format, extract it using WinRAR or 7zip (or any other utility)
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The new Web Tools

Our nifty Web Tools service just got updated.
Among the new features is the ability to generate sha-256 and sha-512 hashes.
We also ported everything to javascript from php using the javascript equivalent of php functions provided by the awesome php.js project.

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5 useful CSS snippets and tricks

Here are 5 useful CSS tricks that I find myself using often, so I thought of sharing them here. Feel free to suggest others in the comments below.

#1 The quick reset

While there are a lot of lengthy and more comprehensive css resets available online, I’ve found that the following piece of code works just fine and provides pretty good reset capability.

* {margin: 0;outline: 0;padding: 0}
body, div, span, p, a, img, ul, ol, li, table, th, tr, td, form, fieldset, legend, dl, dt, dd, blockquote, applet, object {border: 0}
ul, ol {list-style-type:none}
hr {display: none}

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Free HTML/CSS website template

This template is well suited for web design portfolio sites for individuals or agencies.
The template contains four pages with a contact form and jQuery lightbox image gallery for portfolio.
Since this is a free template please retain our link at the bottom of each page, or if you would like to remove the link, please consider buying it for just $5.

Services - Free HTML template

Homepage - Free HTML template

Portfolio - Free HTML template

Contact - Free HTML template

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Weather forecast script in php using Google Weather API


This method no longer works since google now no longer allows public access to this api.
Use the following JSON weather API instead:
Weather forecast using javascript and free api

A few days back , we published an article about currency conversion using Google calculator API and php. Today we are going to show you how to display current weather information and forecast data using php and Google Weather API.
The API is situated at and the callback URL for a specific place looks like this :

The returned data in XML form contains information such as current temperature , weather condition , humidity , winds and forecast for the next few days. Read more…

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