Free HTML/CSS website template

This template is well suited for web design portfolio sites for individuals or agencies.
The template contains four pages with a contact form and jQuery lightbox image gallery for portfolio.
Since this is a free template please retain our link at the bottom of each page, or if you would like to remove the link, please consider buying it for just $5.

Services - Free HTML template

Homepage - Free HTML template

Portfolio - Free HTML template

Contact - Free HTML template

Download Free HTML/CSS template


Weather forecast script in php using Google Weather API


This method no longer works since google now no longer allows public access to this api.
Use the following JSON weather API instead:
Weather forecast using javascript and free api

A few days back , we published an article about currency conversion using Google calculator API and php. Today we are going to show you how to display current weather information and forecast data using php and Google Weather API.
The API is situated at and the callback URL for a specific place looks like this :

The returned data in XML form contains information such as current temperature , weather condition , humidity , winds and forecast for the next few days. Read more…


Exquisite – WordPress theme

Exquisite - free WordPress theme
Exquisite is a beautiful nature-themed two-column 800px wide WordPress theme with widgetised sidebar , Cufon text-image replacement for headers , jQuery tooltips on links , Custom logos , reply/quote feature on comments , collapsible widgets , built-in social bookmarks on posts and many other features.

Salient Features

  • 800px wide
  • Two-columns with left sidebar
  • Cufon text-image replacement for headings
  • Collapsible widgets
  • jQuery animated tooltips on links ( use the title attribute)
  • Reply/Quote feature on comments
  • Zebra stripped and Admin highlighted comments
  • Custom logo support
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Smooth scrolling for internal links
  • Custom description in footer for better SEO
  • Builtin social bookmarking for 6 most common sites
  • Ability to add custom CSS from theme options page without having to edit the stylesheet
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Displays a browser warning to IE 6 users
  • CSS 3 curved border and text-shadow effects
  • Easy to customize and clean CSS
  • Some custom CSS classes that you can use in posts :
    • .highlight , .note
    • .warning , .error
    • .download ( use on <a> )
    • .frame ( us on images to give them a silvery frame )

Download Exquisite

Download Exquisite WordPress theme

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