Q-Press , A sleek wordpress theme

Q-Press WordPress theme

As i promised in my last post , here i am , once again with a new free WordPress theme . Q Press is a two-column maroon and silvery white WordPress theme bundled with a host of features that is ideal for any type of Blog. Some of the features of Q Press are :

  • Widgetized right-sidebar
  • Google Analytics integration ready ( from Q-Press options in Dashboard )
  • Two sleek horizontal navigation bars , one for categories and one for pages
  • Ability to use custom header image
  • Twitter integration ready
  • Opacity transition effect on images in posts
  • Zebra striped alternate comments
  • Highlighted comments for Administrator
  • Quote and Reply functionality on comments

Download Q-Press WordPress Theme

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I am a student of Computer Engineering and a freelance web designer and developer with a passion for interface design. WordPress is my framework of choice and I also build web and mobile applications. My Google+ Profile

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  • Nice theme!

    One thing I can’t seem to get to work is controlling excerpts automatically. I see you have the continue_reading.png image and I see the get_the_excerpt filter in functions.php but full posts display on the index and archive pages and no continue reading button displays. I played with adding excerpt language to index.php or archive.php but I’m not proficient enough to make it work correctly although the continue reading button did then display.

    I tried plugins such as Better Excerpts and Fancy Excerpts, both of which work fine on other themes, but they do nothing on this one.

    If you could address this I would have to seriously consider using this theme on my next project – especially if you could also include an accordion widget for the sidebar :) . btw, this is on 2.8.6 and I have tried with all plugins deactivated.


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  • Hello,

    Great theme! I had a couple questions.

    1. My install is showing up as a single column layout rather than the intended two columns. I did make sure to ad widgets to the sidebar and saved them. Would I have inadvertently change a setting somehow?

    2. Would you be able to specify how to disable the opacity transition effect on images? I’m assuming that would be accomplished in CSS, which I’m unfortunately not familiar with.

    Thanks a lot for such a great new theme!

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  • Great theme!

    I’ve had some trouble with the display of my install on Firefox (v. 3.0.4) on an intel iMac. It’s displaying as a single column layout with the main column pushed to the right and the sidebar moved to the bottom of the page.

    Your website (www.dynamicguru.com) is however displaying properly in the same browser, so I tried deleting the theme and reinstalling it, without any change. I also tried reverting back to the original header background image (I’ve customized mine).

    It views fine in Safari and also in Firefox v. 3.0.17 on a Windows machine. I even tried updating to v.3.0.17 on the iMac as well.

    Any thoughts?

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  • I just got your theme Q-Press up on WP 2.9.1 for a friend of mine and now when a post in the “Recent Posts” widget in the Nav is clicked, the right Nav and the screen goes wacky.


    Not sure if this can be fixed.
    I ran it with ALL plugins disabled and still no luck.

    ANY thoughts on how to fix this would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  • Wow this is great theme.

    specially comment part, it is sliding down and up when I clicked “Responses to this entry”

    is there any way to make default as it display only summery and when I click it display everythings ?

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