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Latest Barcelona GSMA conference gaming developments

The GSMA Congress has always done a great job at bringing together the top talents and stakeholders in the communication industry. If you are concerned with catching up with the latest trends in the mobile industry, then GSMA Mobile World Congress is one such event you should set your eyes on. This year’s event took [&hellip

How to create game content when you have NO drawing skills

Can you create a gaming website if you only no code? The answer is yes! So, you are sitting on your computer playing your favorite game when it occurs to you that you could make a better version of it. Perhaps you want bigger guns, more adversaries, a flying monkey, who knows? All you know [&hellip

5 Easiest WebGL Tools To Use

So you want to run fancy interactive 3D media on your website without any fancy shmancy plug-ins. Well, that‘s just fine, because you‘re living in the future, and the future supports WebGL. It‘s also supported by any browser you care to name – if it can‘t run WebGL, it‘s either outdated or used by 6 [&hellip

How to Take Back Control of Your Website

As your company grows, you take on IT experts that immediately start telling you what to do. The loss of control may have even started before that. It is possible that you were convinced that producing a website would be too hard, and that you were unqualified to deal with it. If you turned the [&hellip

RAM information widget for Symbian

RAM info is a small widget for devices running Symbian S60 v3 and higher. You can use it to monitor RAM usage on your device in realtime. The indicator is animated and takes different colors depending on the current state of RAM usage. It has a clean visually appealing interface and the information is updated [&hellip

How to install Windows 7 from a USB drive the easy way

With the advent of cheap high capacity USB flash drives our reliance on optical drives is continuously decreasing. PCs with malfunctioning or non existant optical drives face a dilemma while having to reinstall operating system which are most commonly in the form of bootable DVDs. Here is a step by step guide to installing windows [&hellip

WordPress Theme : Simple and Sweet

Sweet and Simple is a nice wordpress theme with a minimal silvery look. As the name implies, it is simple, yet sweet. . It has all the features typical of my wordpress themes (cufon text-image replacement,sliding widgets,jquery effects…. bla bla bla )… Download and lemme know what you think. Download Simple and Sweet WordPress theme

Setup your own apache sever with php and mysql, the easiest way using XAMPP

Many php developers find it difficult to test and debug their php scripts on their web host’s server, as it consumes much needed time, but what if you had your own PC turned into an apche server with the latest version of php and mySql? Manual installation of apache and php and their configuration to meet your needs is not an easy task, but with Apache Friends XAMPP , the task becomes as simple as installing a software or extracting a zip archive! XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use – just download, extract and start.

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