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Code for HTML drop down menu of all timezones

Here is a list of all timezones in the form of a HTML drop down that you can use in your projects: <select name="timezone"> <option value="-12" >(GMT -12:00) Eniwetok, Kwajalein</option> <option value="-11" >(GMT -11:00) Midway Island, Samoa</option> <option value="-10" >(GMT -10:00) Hawaii</option> <option value="-9" >(GMT -9:00) Alaska</option> <option value="-8" >(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US &amp; [&hellip


HTML drop down code generator

Hand-coding a HTML drop down menu using the <select> and <option> tag with many options is a task that many developers/designers find tiring and frustrating. That is why I’ve created this simple tool that generates the code for HTML drop down menu with as many options as you like! The URL is : http://www.dynamicguru.com/html-drop-down-generator/ You [&hellip

Stopwatch app for Symbian S60 v3

This is a nifty stopwatch widget for Symbian devices tailor made for Nokia E71/E72/E63 and other S60 v3 devices having resolution 320×240. Though it works on other Symbian devices having different resolutions, the UI might not look very perfect. Its features include: Lap, splitting time into hours, minutes and seconds, and keyboard shortcuts for Start, [&hellip

RAM information widget for Symbian

RAM info is a small widget for devices running Symbian S60 v3 and higher. You can use it to monitor RAM usage on your device in realtime. The indicator is animated and takes different colors depending on the current state of RAM usage. It has a clean visually appealing interface and the information is updated [&hellip

How to install Windows 7 from a USB drive the easy way

With the advent of cheap high capacity USB flash drives our reliance on optical drives is continuously decreasing. PCs with malfunctioning or non existant optical drives face a dilemma while having to reinstall operating system which are most commonly in the form of bootable DVDs. Here is a step by step guide to installing windows [&hellip

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